Besides one-on-one coaching, Stephan & Lise are trained in several inner healing methods including RTF. Through RTF they are able to offer Issue Focussed ministry.

The issue-focussed format of ministry will approach one issue or struggle in life, for which the person will then receive focussed ministry in a session of approximately 3 hours. The ministry has an integrated approach, including generational sins and curses, lies we believe (Ungodly Beliefs), life’s hurts and demonic oppression. Through prayer we will discover together how the 4 areas of the integrated approach will affect the heart. By listening to God's counsel new truth will replace the old structures. This ministry can bring lasting change as God brings freedom from the burdens that a person has carried for many years.

You can contact us for more information or book your appointment with Stephan and/or Lise by filling out the contact form.


Individual Coaching

Besides ministering in group settings, Stephan and Lise have enjoyed coaching and mentoring individuals from many walks of life. It is their heart to see people free from the blockages that hinder them from entering into their destiny and see them step into the plans God has prepared for them. Together with you we will set goals and remove obstacles that have been holding you back. Coaching will help you to experience breakthroughs and transformation in your thinking, values and life purpose. Life Coaching is about drawing out of you what God has already placed in you.

Together we will: Find greater clarity, direction, energy, accountability and confidence in you. Identify what you really want and what you are called to. Move you past the blockages and challenges you face. Create the life that you really want to live. It is a process of looking at your whole life and discovering what makes you ‘tick’. While removing barriers to achieving goals you will find a new fulfilment in life!

Team coaching

We also offer coaching to churches and organizations. With our help your leadership team will be able to identify and remove the roadblocks that keep you from fulfilling your destiny as a church or organisation.


In January 2015 Stephan and Lise came for a long weekend to our church in Peine to minister to our leadership team and their spouses. After they had facilitated an exercise on hearing God's voice concerning his plans for us personally and for the church, we felt that God's heart for our team and the church was to prioritise relationship. This prioritisation included our relationship to Him, to other believers and to the people around us who do not know God. Stephan and Lise taught us a new perspective on the 5-fold ministry, which helped us to understand how we can optimally equip our church members when we function as a 5-fold team in the context of a “plural leadership”. The weekend has not only brought us closer together as elders, it has also helped us to pursue the goals that God has given us as a leadership in our church. We are very grateful to Stephen and Lise for their supportive and kind leadership in this process. 

Günter and Coby Zielinski

Pastors, Christengemeinde Schalom