Uwe and Beate Meyer

Passion, Schwaebisch Hall, Germany

We find it a great privilege to know Stephan and Lise. Their loving heart for people and their determination to see the Kingdom of God manifested is a real example to us. We believe that with the establishing of Awake Europe, they are building a ministry that carries values crucial in this time and season, preparing the body of Christ for the coming awakenings and revival.

We see their return to Europe and move to Germany as a Prophetic sign. They have the ability to serve many different people groups in Europe due to their international involvements and background. As we have had the joy of experiencing their ministry, we recommend them to you wholeheartedly.

Timo and Ruth Hack

Directors - iDestiny School of Ministry Manchester, UK

Stephan and Lise are not just very good personal friends, but a wonderfully gifted couple that flows in the prophetic and in whose lives the Father Heart of God is evident. We appreciate their wisdom and their courage to repeatedly give themselves to see the 'More of God' and their passion to build the Kingdom of God through establishing and encouraging healthy relationships.

Stephan and Lise were one of the highlights for our students. Their accurate prophetic words and their wisdom has helped many students return to their home environment, settling and engaging in a healthy way. Thank you!!

Dr. Mark Virkler

President – Christian Leadership University

In addition to Stephan and Lise being students of Christian Leadership University, Stephan has invited me to come to his school annually to teach on how to hear God’s voice. He has followed this up by ensuring the students make two-way journaling a part of their lives as they learn to live daily out of God’s voice. This is one confirmation of his passion to see the fire of God inflame people’s hearts. It is hearing God’s voice and seeing God’s vision that form the basis for a life-transforming intimacy with our heavenly Father.

I commission Stephan to carry this message of the “4 Keys to Hearing God’s Voice” taking it back to the fatherland. I pray for spiritual revival once again to sweep through Europe, and may Stephan’s carrying of this message there be a foundational seed in sparking a spiritual renewal. My prayers and my endorsement are with Stephan and Lise as they take this new step in their lives.

Gordon Harris

Director – School of Ministry Toronto, ON

I don’t know very many people who have such a depth of theological training, breadth of knowledge and practical experience. From their teaching in ministry schools to their pastoral work in church and their missionary practice in Africa, they have a wide vision on the realities of Christian ministry. I highly recommend this couple.

Travis and Amanda Johnson

Senior Leaders - Covenant Church Asheboro, NC

Stephan and Lise have been a tremendous blessing to our church and to us personally.

Each and very time they have ministered to our congregation, it’s marked a transformative spiritual change. A “glory to glory” moment. And always with a great sense of God’s manifest presence. Stephan and Lise minister both in the power of the Spirit and the love of the Father. They have spoken into our lives on several occasions, prophesying with gentleness and humility. We consider them to be people of great integrity and honor. The prophetic words we’ve received from them have been accurate and timely. Our lives have been greatly impacted by their ministry. We wholeheartedly recommend this wonderful couple to you.

Abner Suarez

Founder & President – For Such a Time as This, Inc.

Dear Friends in Ministry: It is my privilege to commend to you the ministry of Stephan and Lise Krueger. Many favorable words can be used to describe this couple. They are people of highest integrity and honor. They have a tremendous passion for Jesus which is demonstrated in compassion and love for people. In this hour of great change in the body of Christ, G-d is releasing true Apostles who carry His heart of love and compassion to bring a shift in the Church and alignment in the earth. Stephan and Lise are part of this growing Apostolic company of people who G-d is releasing in the nations of the earth. Your ministry, your Church, and your region will be impacted through the ministry of Awake Europe.

Scott and Stephanie Jones

Lead Pastors – New Day Community Church, Summerville SC

We have invited Stephan and Lise to minister at our church and at our schools of ministry on several occasions. Apart from rating amongst the students as “favorite speakers” they have become cherished as ministers to our church community and leaders. Stephan and Lise minister with authority and with the clear and tangible anointing of The Holy Spirit. They bring a rich impartation of The Father’s Love and also clear and insightful teaching on the prophetic and a broad range of topics. Stephan and Lise have a proven record of accuracy (in our midst) in their prophetic ministry. We have benefited greatly from their ministry to our leaders team, our schools and our church family. Above all of this we have come to know The Kruegers as friends and co-laborers and can bear witness to the fruit and grace in their lives. We do not hesitate to recommend them highly as ministers within the local church or body of Christ at large.