Mark & Sarah Tillman

Worship Leaders – Songwriters

Stephan and Lise’s ministry has not only impacted but majorly influenced Mark and I’s hearts and life vision together! We joined the School of Revival in Raleigh NC which they both led. We had no idea what we were in for but knew the Lord wanted us to jump on board for an adventurous ride. We experienced so much deep heart healing and powerful vision casting for our marriage. Their ministry was the platform for our destiny. Stephan’s fatherly prophetic and pastoral heart revealed Gods love so intimately and practically and Lise’s nurturing mothering heart empowered so much permission and creativity into us. The two of them together are an unstoppable force of Gods reckless love on the earth.

Rev. JoAnn Lowell

Saffron Ministries

Stephan and Lise Krueger are not only trusted friends but also extraordinary mentors in the way of the Spirit both in the revelatory realm and in the practical aspects of hearing God’s voice. Their intimate love relationship with the Father is contagious and life giving. Stephan and Lise, both impassioned with a heart to raise up mature leaders into their true calling, have given their lives to help fulfill God’s mission for the nations. Personally, my life has been transformed and challenged through their loving example of walking as a true son and daughter. Lise’s passion to release the creative potential on the inside of people helped me realize my own capacity to access the Holy Spirit and the beauty of God’s heart through the arts. Stephan has helped me grow in “making room” for more of the transforming love of the Father, hearing His voice and releasing His word in the prophetic, and comprehending a sound biblical basis of God’s mission across the world. Their commitment to fulfill the calling God has placed on their lives fuels my own passion to do likewise. Their caring and supportive friendship means all the world to me.