Relationship Reformation

Relationship is the foundation of true and lasting change.

We were made for relationship. Our major struggle in this world is the breakdown of relationships, honor and love. Conflict, violence and injustice grow and develop in absence of true relationship. Wherever we do not understand who we are in the context of who God is, we fail to understand how we can relate to ourselves, to God and others in a healthy, loving and life-giving way. The history of Europe and the rest of the world is filled with an incredible amount of misconceptions about the people that surround us. Our dealings with other people and nations have let to terrible wars, violence and injustice and often it was done in the name of God, who in reality is love in Person. Only when we truly reconnect to God in a deep and meaningful way and knowing Him as the loving Father and to his son Jesus Christ who gave himself to save us, we will be able to bring change.

In relationship with him we will be able to see a new Reformation of Relationship, finding inspired and sustainable solutions for the problems of our continent and the rest of the world. Everything starts with a relationship to him and his love for us. Letting him love us on a daily base changes and enables us to truly lay down our lives and see his love change nations - one person at a time.